My name is suspiciously Anglo-Saxon but I am a French- speaking-Swiss by birth and upbringing. I have lived in England most of my adult life where I recently studied Fine Art at the Bristol School of Art.

“Painting and figurative sculpture are very natural and satisfying media for me but drawing is still the base of all my work. I find myself working more and more intuitively, often using texture, random marks or music to prompt a spontaneous response.

“The body in relation to space fascinates me – both the space the body occupies in movement and dance and the space it contains in the realm of thought and imagination. To me, the physical body is only one aspect of our presence in the world, holding within it the vast, yet hidden complexity of thought and its spiritual connections, which I seek to reflect in my work.

I have explored themes such as the Cycle of life, Transience and more recently Resonance, exploring the relationship between art and music. This has also led me into some digital imaging work called ‘Soundtrace’ that translated into installations and some performances in collaboration with artists from other fields – dancers, musicians and photographers.

“I think that art can help us be at peace with ourselves and others, perhaps, in some small measure, giving us signposts and images to help us make better sense of life.”