With the re-emergence of the homemade, the local, sustainable and “of value” product, a pervading ethic tells us ‘reworking’ is also upon us.

I decided to launch a range of furniture in 2009, designing and crafting in my workshop in North Cornwall. I predominantly use reclaimed materials and curiosities, all with different histories from sites of the southwest and normally destined for the gobbler and landfill.

These weather beaten objects have nodules, dents and cracks, but much of my work shows how careful combinations of material can work in harmony. Slate, timber, glass, ceramic and inquisitive metal objects offer a deliberate account of industrial history and are reborn with a new function and identity. A carefully conceived contemporary narrative brings these creations into a life of their own.

All electrical items have been wired by a qualified electrician and have been portable appliance tested to meet current standards.

They are built to compliment both residential and commercial spaces.